Cubase 8 / 8.5 Crack Windows x86 x64 by Xenon

Cubase 8 / 8.5 Crack

Cubase 8 Crack is a software developed by Xen0n to programmatically activate Steinberg product Cubase 8. Xenon and couple of other developers made a stride to crack Cubase 8. We call it ethical hacking. Cubase 8 Crack is brought to you as a free of charge and as long as we can maintain it it will stay this way.
This crack works both on Cubase 8 and Cubase 8.5, For crack to work you need to take our Ethernet cable out of your PC or just disable the internet connection in local connections tab in your Control panel.

Cubase 8.5 crack is only compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 , Windows XP is not supported 

How to use our crack

How to install:

1. Download Trial and Crack and disable Internet connection

2. Install Trial and restart your PC

3. Open the Patch and install it in the correct folder

4. Replace .dll with the one’s in the crack folder and prevent Cubase 8 from going to the internet (With Windows Firewall

5. Open the Xenon-Settings.txt with notepead

5a. Replace the “nameID=Xenon-PC” with the name of your PC it should be “nameID=<your PC name>”

5b. Replace the “netframesearch=true” to “netframesearch=false”

5c. save it and restart your PC again.

6. Enjoy your Cubase 8 Cracked and ready 😀

For all the problems with the installation and praises leave a comment down below 😀

Things you will need:

Trial Download Link

Crack Download Link


Update #4 2/13/2016
-Updated Crack for Cubase 8.5
-Minor improvements to VSTI code inside the cracked .exe

Update #3 11/21/2015
-Added support for Windows 7
-General improvements to the cracked .exe

Update #2 11/17/2015
-Fixed the crack turning off Channels Read and Write, due to memory leaks

Update #1 7/2/2015
-Updated our crack just to .exe format, no more need for Patching and doing Regestry whipes
-Improvements to the memory allocation of the crack

For all the problems with the installation and praises leave a comment down below…

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